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Monetize Me manages the monetization of your website and your app through display advertising, coupons, price comparison feeds.

We help you display the best ads and generate higher revenues without disturbing the user experience. We A/B test and analyses your website's metrics and audience behavior to maximize your potential.


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We are proud to be the certified partner of Google AdSense Program


We will increase your revenue and sales

The best advertisers for the best publishers

Our vision is to increase our partners sales & revenue by creating highly valuable connections between the best advertisers and publishers.

By connecting advertisers with their target audience, through our worldwide network on premium Publishers, Monetize Me increases revenue and sales.

Our highly skilled team brings the right partners into the network and creates products to reach your customers most effectively.







We place products in the best solutions

Multiple Monetization solutions

Outstanding feed enables our Publishers to promote stores & coupons in an effective way. All our products are mobile firendly. We work on CPM, CPC, CPL & CPS basis. Be ready to increase your revenue.

With our price comparison feeds, the user decides where to buy your brand and in the right place. Fully customizable to our Publishers website to optimize user experience.

We place adertisers’ product & brand in the best spots on our Publishers’ website.




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Advantages for Publishers

A strategic partnership

One sole interlocutor

As the certified partner of Google, we directly contact them to improve the displayed ads on your websites and apps. We analyse the defined KPIs with their team to apply the best monetization strategy for you.

We will increase your revenue per visit

Alternative monetization strategy

Analyzing your audience and targeting the right users through alternative monetization products is the way we increase your revenue per visit. From content publishers to e-commerce market players, we monetize your audience, keeping the best user experience possible.

We manage everything for you

Start saving time

Through our responsive tag, our blacklist technology and our knowledge of the best practices, we fully manage your time consuming activities.

Ask experts

Profit and learn from our experience

Depending on your activity, our highly experienced team will submit your right products to use. Find out the list of products you should use to improve your monetization.

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Promote your store in an effective way

Advantages for Advertisers

Monetize Me creates products to reach your customers most effectively. Our premium  Publishers can reach audiences in Europe, Latin America, North America, India, Morocco and Turkey.

Place your product & brand in the best spots on our Publisher website and take also advantage of our price comparison and coupon products.

Increase your revenue through desktop, tablet and mobile.








We work with them

The non-exhaustive list below shows advertisers who have worked with our premium publisher network to improve their revenue. From Europe to America, across all devices, they display their product and brand to their target audience.



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Through our partnership, hire experts who create the best technologies and support you to analyse your activity. With us, monetization starts seeming easy.


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